video my shooting, is it worth it?

You may be asking yourself, “should I pay the money to put a ShotKam on my gun”? The answer is yes. Not just for the novelty of seeing the clays break, but because it is pretty eye opening to see what is actually happening as you address the clay and take the shot. For me it was to learn that I am not a sustained lead shooter, I would have bet $100.00 that I shot sustained lead but after watching video of myself shooting I now know I am primarily an intercept shooter, proving that what I think is happening and what the camera sees can be completely different.

I am sure you have missed a clay that you were positive you were going to smash, or worse yet missed clean and had no clue why. The ShotKam video will make it perfectly clear where the shot went. We all have friends who like to say what we did wrong post shot, but did they really see all of what happened? 

It is almost impossible to recall everything that is happening in the box as you shoot. Excitement makes everything seem to be moving really fast, the shot sequence can just be blur of action which is talked about after the shot and adjustments are tried at the next station. This is continually happening through the round regardless of hits or misses, however the information being processed is going to be suspect if it is just from memory, did what I think happen really happen?

A round or two of shooting with a ShotKam and carefully watching the videos will speed up the learning curve helping you break more clays consistently. Reviewing the breaks and the misses to see what you are doing can help improve all aspects of your shooting game, hold point, lead, transition to second shot, and post shot will all be seen in the video for analysis.

There is also an added benefit of watching video, the more you watch the better your brain stores lead and angle information into your subconscious. This information will allow you to gain even more shooting experience from a single afternoon shooting than you could have gotten without the video. This in effect, gives you more value from the round of clays than you had previously gotten, it is why I always provide the video to be taken home and reviewed over and over.   

Schedule a shooting session or buy yourself a camera, you will find the time and money was well spent and if you are anything like me you will be going back to the video to review every shot again and again.

Best of luck, now get out and break some clays!


Kane Behling